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        USDA Rural Development

        Our services

        To help support the unique needs of USDA borrowers, we draw on both our own rural development expertise and the substantial public finance strength of Raymond James. Through the firm, we can offer our clients an uncommon depth of resources and bring in sector experts to consult on projects as needed.


        With approximately 170 public finance professionals nationwide, Raymond James offers a comprehensive array of services to state and local governments, non-profit corporations, utilities, healthcare providers, higher education institutions, housing authorities, airports, and other entities that issue taxable and tax-exempt debt. Our extensive institutional sales force has a broad base of clients that purchase municipal debt and have been very successful in selling USDA-related products throughout our network of investors.

        In 2018, Raymond James was the nation’s eighth-leading municipal underwriter serving as senior manager on 441 negotiated and competitive new issues with a total par value of more than $12 billion.*

        *Ranking source: Bloomberg, based on total par amount. Past performance may not be indicative of future results.

        Private Placement

        For the non-rated borrowers, smaller size issues or unique situations, Raymond James has helped borrowers successfully place their debt in the private markets. These placements take the form of taxable, tax-exempt, bank loans, bonds, fixed rate and/or variable rate.

        Financial Advisory

        For borrowers who need assistance with the debt issuance process, completing applications for federal programs, or advice on how to restructure existing debt, Raymond James can provide these valuable advisory services.

        Great ideas and superior execution know no boundaries

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        Public Finance Market Watch

        In-depth and timely commentary and analysis on the municipal market from industry experts.