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        Bond Proceeds Investment Strategies

        Putting the client’s needs at the forefront.

        The Public Finance Investment Strategies group has extensive experience with the investment of bond and non-bond proceeds, acting in clients’ best interests to safeguard principal, maintain liquidity and maximize earnings. Working closely with each client, our team thoroughly analyzes the circumstances and eligible investment vehicles to develop one or more viable strategies and then coordinates efforts to efficiently implement the plan. In the past five years, the Public Finance Investment Strategies team has executed over 500 transactions and invested more than $26 billion in client assets.

        Full-service Capabilities

        • U.S. Treasury/Agency laddered portfolios
        • Commercial paper
        • Certificates of deposit
        • Repurchase agreements (REPOs)
        • Guaranteed investment contracts (GICs)
        • Forward delivery agreements (FDAs)
        • FDA/GIC/REPO termination valuations and pricing


        David Sutton
        David Sutton
        Managing Director
        St. Petersburg
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        Jennifer Mills
        Jennifer Mills
        Managing Director
        Read Bio

        Great ideas and superior execution know no boundaries

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        Public Finance Market Watch

        In-depth and timely commentary and analysis on the municipal market from industry experts.